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Get Ready To Blow Your Mind With Nuclearoids

Everyone knows about the remarkable assortment of online games on the internet at the moment. There are many genres and we can easily choose our preferable category to spend some quality time with.

While nearly all of us cherish shooting and action, some favor the easy racing genre or the mind-baffling physics genre. A very intriguing flash game genre that rises lately is the chain reaction gaming category that offers a very colourful gaming along with easy game-play and hours of exuberance.

Chain reaction free games. Lately we see lots of games from this niche, so what makes Nuclearoids, the newest game from Bgames.com, so individual? Where shall I begin? Wonderful lively graphics? Got it! Awesome music? Check! Addictive game-play? Check! Nuclearoids isn’t the hardest or most

convoluted online game you played, but it lures you very fast with its decided game-play.So what do we do in Nuclearoids ? Well, like many chain reaction online games before, the goal is blowing up the desired amount of objects per level ( Each level will display the goal at the beginning and if you forget you can always see the goal again at the top right menu). A nice feature i personally liked on Nuclearoids is the fact that objects do not have a uncomplicated explosion scheme. While many other chain reaction flash titles present some objects that normally have very linear blasts, like 4 way blasts or diagonal explosions that are represented by simple dots, Nuclearoids is completely dissimilar.

On the flash game you will control the flight course of the different Nuclearoids, by placing a bomb on, or between numerous objects and direct them to your preferred route, from there and on, the game starts its rampage. Each Nuclearoid has a different exploding style, some will explode into pieces smashing everything along the way, and some will generate very minor explosions. Learning the different behavior of the Nuclearoids is important when trying to accomplish advanced levels.Another feature that must be considered while playing is gravity- The big Nuclearoids have gravity, that lures the smaller ones to their route, so don’t forget using that feature when aiming.While many variables must be considered when making the game, Nuclearoids is still a pretty simple ( Yet fun!) game, and can be won also by shooting randomly and hoping for ms. luck.

I personally favored aiming and calculating various variables before lighting up the screen, which helped me accomplish higher levels, like 13 and 15.To summarize- Nuclearoids is a fun casual game, with lovely vivid graphics, very nice music and sound effects and an an addictive game-play.

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